If an organization does not have the following items, we will assist in providing them. Some of the requests below may not apply or are necessary to all organizations for tax exempt status.

> Organization

  1. Name, address, e-mail, website, phone number.

  2. Contact person(s), phone number and e-mail.

  3. Person name to obtain Corporation document and EIN (if necessary).


> Description of Organization

  1. What is the organization’s purpose?

  2. How does this help in a charitable purpose?

  3. Where will the organization’s purpose be held?

  4. Who will facilitate the organization’s purpose?

  5. Are there any special licenses or training required to facilitate the organization’s purpose?


> Articles of Incorporation

Contains the Exempt Purpose Statement as described in IRS Code section 501(c)(3) and defined in Treasury Regulation. Without the proper language in the articles of incorporation the IRS will not grant the applying organization tax exempt status.

> Employer Identification Number (EIN)

The organization’s identification number obtained from the IRS.

> By-laws of the Organization

The governing document of the organization.

> Information on Board Members

Name, address and resume on each board member (Trustees/Directors).


> Revenue & Expense Statements

This is an absolute must! The IRS requires 4 years of financial statements for existing organizations and 2 years of forecasted financial statements for start-ups.


> Organization Assets

Total assets owned by the organization (i.e., cash, furniture, equipment, property, vehicles, pledges etc...)


> Organization Liabilities

Total liabilities acquired by the organization (i.e., mortgages, accounts payable, loans, etc...)


> Financial Support

Ways the organization receives financial support (i.e., contributions, tithes & offerings, fundraisers, rental income, etc...)

> Fund Raising Programs

Description of fundraising events.

> History of the Organization

Including the reason for its formation.

> Organization Creed or Mission Statement

Statement of Faith/Beliefs for Churches / Religious Organizations.

> Rent/Lease Agreement

Facility lease documentation.